9 comments on “Aswesome Day!!

  1. Believe you me I do understand I go through everyday things as well in this life. I talk to God and yes some thinks I am crazy…LOL…I have had some ask me who am I talking to and I say “My Jesus” if you could see the expression on their face. His real and He is always with me just as He said He would be. Thanks for sharing very encouraging. Agape! 🙂

  2. Great post! BTW, how’re you doing on your “what would Jesus do..” Challenge? Stop by and let me know. I’ve been doing well, except for when I was moving some furniture….I was lifting dressers and hauling them by myself..you should have seen me climbing overtop of them, back and forth, to adjust them in the hallway. I carried on huge, long, heavy dresser to the curb…ALONE…and then moved three more dressers everywhere… Anyhow, the corner of it got me “somewhere” and I said a bad word. Just as I had said it, I thought, “What would Jesus do? What would he say….?” And I repented! LOL

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