I am living a joyous life!

I am...

Have you ever looked around at some of your Christian friends and realize just how unhappy so many of them are? They complain about everything. They never smile. They are tired, broke, and disgusted. They live their lives like robots: everything they do is so regimented. Or they are lazy and unproductive.

God wants us to live a joyous life, filled with praising Him every chance we get.  People wait to praise God when something good happens in their life. If you can’t be happy and praise God no matter what, you need to reevaluate yourself (and I say that with love). “There is no problem God sends our way that hasn’t gone through His hands first”. Yes our problems affect our mood but if you can’t smile when you think about the love, grace, and mercy of the Lord seek Him out today. Say a prayer and talk to God…

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