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J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Anonymous asked:
Hey can you tell me about worry like why should we as Christians not worry.

Well first please allow me the shameless self-promoting humility to offer up two sermons I did on that:

The Crazy You Secured In Christ, Part 4 – Don’t Worry About It

The Crazy You Secured In Christ, Part 3 – Everything’s Going To Be All Right

Some reasons not to worry then:

1) God is in control of everything.

You’ve heard this before, but worry assumes that God is not in control of a few things, which implies that He’s not in control of anything.  I don’t want to be the fool that puts in Him that position, since I don’t like the taste of lightning either. 

Deadlines, traffic, your relationship, the economy, the cancer, your mortgage, your kids, death, world hunger, your computer files — ALL these things are in control by…

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